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´╗┐billion contract to run lab services in Edmonton

Australian company wins $3 billion contract to run lab services in EdmontonANDREA SANDS, Edmonton JournalAndrea SandsEDMONTON The Australia based company selected to take over medical testing in the Edmonton region is untested in Canada and is focused on profit over patient care, critics say.

Alberta Health Services confirmed Friday it is negotiating a $3 billion, 15 year contract with Sydney based Sonic Healthcare Limited.

"Patients should not feel any Comprar Levitra difference. They should still be able to go to their local collection centres, they should still be able to expect turnaround times that meet the doctors' needs."

Contract negotiations with Sonic will likely take about four months, and will include talks about where to build a new state of the art laboratory, ideally close to researchers at the University of Alberta, she said.

DynaLife's contract, worth about $200 million a year, expires in March 2016.

AHS chose Sonic for the new contract after an "exhaustive process" analyzing bids, considering value for money, quality of work, and the ability to do more tests locally instead of sending samples out of Alberta, such as genetics testing, she said.

"We do about 27 million lab tests a year in Edmonton, in the area," Kaminski said. "Every month, we're seeing new lab tests that are on the market that we would like to have available here."

The deal affects about 980 employees working in hospitals for AHS and Covenant Health, about 70 pathologists, and about 980 DynaLife staff, Kaminski said. Those Trembolona O Masteron staff will still be needed, and AHS is talking to Sonic about how to incorporate existing staff, Kaminski said.

Sonic CEO Dr. Colin Goldschmidt said in a news release on Friday the company is delighted to be chosen. "We welcome the opportunity to enter the Canadian market and to partner with AHS and staff in the delivery of high quality pathology services in Edmonton."

The announcement came as a shock to DynaLife and its employees, who remain committed to providing excellent care through about 35 patient care centres and its downtown Edmonton lab, said DynaLife CEO Jason Pincock. DynaLife employees have yet to be briefed by AHS, he said.

"Obviously, we're very disappointed with the announcement."

Labour groups that represent the staff affected criticized the deal they say privatizes lab services.

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees said in a news release a previous attempt to privatize the same lab services under Capital Health failed.

The Health Services Association of Alberta, which represents all the affected DynaLife employees and about half the employees in the hospital labs, questioned how Sonic will take over "´╗┐Anadrol 50" when it has no "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" operations in Canada.

"How is Sonic going to go from zero to providing lab services for probably a million and a half people in "Oxandrolone Powder India" 15 months," asked Health Services Association of Alberta president Elisabeth Ballermann.

NDP health critic David Eggen said Sonic "is more concerned about profits than health care."

Last year, 16 pathologists at the University Hospital sent a Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects Ftm letter "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" to AHS executives voicing concerns about the proposal.

The company's latest annual report, to June 30, said Sonic posted a record net profit of $385 million on revenues of $3.9 billion.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported Friday that Sonic Healthcare shares finished the week 1.5 per cent higher at $17.28 after the company announced it won the Alberta government contract to provide pathology services.

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